Voip Gateways

Voip Gateways




Solution Highlights;

  • + VoIP gateways designed for carrier and enterprise market
  • + Support for digital and analog ports
  • + Available in 2 to 180 channels configuration
  • + Wide selection of signaling protocols including ISDN,
  • + SS7, CAS/R2, SIP, H.323, MGCP
  • + Toll-grade voice quality
  • + Support for T.38 and G.711 fax transport
  • + Field proven interoperability with large number
  • + of equipment providers
  • + Minimized OPEX with TELES remote management
  • + and diagnostic system
  • + Systems installed worldwide


Cost Effective Migration to VoIP

Invest in the outstanding value and maintain your current PBX infrastructure. The VoIPBOX BRI includes a complete features suite without requiring add-ons or upgrades. The VoIPBOX BRI installs between the PBX and PSTN and connects your current PBX as is to the Internet. The premium suite of features ensures complete compatibility with your current telephone equipment and total interoperability with all third-party VoIP equipment. Your infrastructure backbone remains and so does the investment represented by the company's contact information. 

Simple Installation and Sophisticated Management

In minutes, install the VoIPBOX BRI and make your first phone calls. Just connect the cables and the power and physical installation is complete. Then, use the VoIPBOX BRI's Quickstart tool or the integrated Web-based GUI to complete initial configuration. To fine-tune the routing configuration, use our GATE Manager. Finally, you can use the TELES NMS (Network Management System) for remote provisioning of bulk installations; the VoIPBOX BRI can automatically receive updated routing files from the NMS.

LCR Savings and Secure Back-up

Save money on every phone call. VoIPBOX BRI's LCR (Least Cost Routing) features automatically identify the least expensive route to each destination, whether that is over a standard fixedline network or over the Internet. Plus, VoIPBOX BRI's IntraStar technology provides transparent fallback to the PSTN if there is packet loss or a bottleneck on the IP network.

Remote Survivability

Protect your ability to make phone calls. If your office is disconnected from its VoIP network server, VoIPBOX BRI can route both interoffice calls and PSTN calls. IP phones continue to function thereby sustaining your productivity. 

Guaranteed Voice Quality

Ensure superior voice quality. In addition to all the standard VoIP features like echo cancellation and silence suppression VoIPBOX BRI's premium feature set includes the best available DSPs, traffic shaping, and multi-level fallback. Voice speech compression codecs reduce bandwidth need and RTP multiplexing enables even further bandwidth reduction.