Voip Gateways

Voip Gateways




The TELES.VOIPBOX SS7 systems facilitates a direct link to SS7 networks. The integration
is seamless, since the devices appear as native SS7 network elements (signaling endpoints). This eliminates the need for network-side protocol conversion.

Networking via SS7 can yield several advantages over DSS1 networking. Since the network is enhanced by a native component all carrier-grade features and mechanisms remain intact. For example SS7 ensures that network announcements are delivered throughout the network before, during, and after a call. SS7 also
ensures that CDR processing remains unchanged so that no
adaptation is needed.

For carriers with an SS7 infrastructure, utilizing this option means that there is no need to purchase DSS1 hardware. In addition there is no need to train staff in DSS1 or VoIP. TELES VOIPBOX SS7 option guarantees flawless inband to outband signaling conversion towards SS7.

The physical interface for interconnection is a standard E1 interface running ISUP (Q.767) based on MTP levels 2 and 3 according to ITU-T Q.703 and Q.704.

For regular operation the system can be connected via one signaling link for one or more E1 lines. Redundancy is possible with at least two signaling links as a link set on different E1 trunks.

  • Software extension for TELES.iGATE
  • Seamless carrier-grade SS7 integration
  • Direct SS7 link to SS7 networks
  • Redundant SS7 signaling
  • Transparent announcement path
  • Full CDR support