Inbound Contact Center

Inbound Contact Center

The VTEL Call Center offers all of the functions of a classical inbound call center for small and medium-sized companies. Whatever business you are in, we have the perfect solution for customer support and service.


  • One call center for several locations
  • Integration of home office and mobile workplaces
  • Queues with uniform call distribution (UCD)
  • Skill-based routing
  • Geographical call forwarding
  • Dynamic wait time
  • Enriched agent status
  • Live view and reporting

  • Interactive voice response system (IVR)
  • Customer priority rating (VIP)
  • Overflow system to handle rising call volumes
  • Comprehensive statistics and live monitoring for supervisors
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Call center caller ID
  • Enriched reporting features with metrics



Allow The Choice
  • On-Premise Agents
  • Remote/Home Based Agents
  • Agents Who Are On The Go
Agents Can Handle Calls
  • Mobile Phone (IOS/Android)
  • PC (Windows/MacOS) Via DesktopOperator
  • Desktop Phone Through CTI


  • Linear (Start Always At First Agent)
  • Circular
  • Uniform (Longest Idle)
  • Simultaneous
  • Weighted (Skill Based)
  • Uniform (Longest Idle)
    • None
    • Auto
    • Manual


  • Set One Or Several Actions
  • Set Business Hours/Night Mode
  • Set Action On Key Press
  • Action
    • Play Announcement
    • Forward To
      • Number Or Group (ACD)
    • Set Skill
  • Permanent Recording
    • Opt In/Out

Real time dashboard (DesktopOperator)
  • Waiting - Shows the number of calls waiting to be answered, including priority calls,which are shown in red.
  • Answered - The number and percentage of incoming calls that you answered.
  • Duration - Average time you spent per call. This figure includes talk time and wrapup time.
  • Today's occupancy - Percentage of your login time that is spent handling calls.


Real -time Reports and Thresholds

  • You can view reports in real-time for groups and agents from the web interface.
  • You can adjust thresholds with warning and alarming levels.

Five different report types:
  • Agent Calls Report
  • Agent Performance Report
  • Agent Report
  • Group Performance Report
  • Group Report



Incoming/outgoing calls (+VIP)  Average speed of answer (ASA)  Occupancy 
Answered calls (+VIP)  Speed of answer (count ASA > than)  Agents Logged In 
Abandon calls (+VIP)  Service level custom (e.g. 75%/25)  Agents On Break 
Queued calls (+VIP)  Service level 80/20, 80/30, 80/40  Login Time 
Offered calls (+VIP)  Efficiency %  Break Time 
Transfered calls   Total handling time (THT)  Hold time 
Overflowed calls  Ø handling time (AHT)  After Call Work 
Abandoned calls % (+VIP)  Ø Talk Time (TT)  Night Mode 
Queued calls % (+VIP)  Ø After Call Work (ACW)  Forwarding routing 
Answered calls % (+VIP)  Wait Time (+VIP)   Timetable routing 
Overflowed calls % (+VIP)  Wait Time before abandon (+VIP)  Agents talking 
Nightmode  Longest Wait Time (+VIP)  Agents CUSTOM 1-5 
Forwarded calls  Overflow - timetable  and much more ...